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Home Refurbishments

If your home needs a complete makeover, we can work with you to develop an affordable plan for the refurbishment of your home.

Whether you have bought an old property, which needs substantial improvement work, or you just want to modernise most rooms in your home, Dixons Contracts will help you to realise your vision. For example, we can knock down walls to create larger open living spaces, rewire your home and upgrade or install central heating systems.

We will give you advice and ideas to develop your proposal and will put together a comprehensive and scheduled package for all the work you require.

Dixons Contracts will carry out all the work to your home, so you will not need to deal with multiple contractors.

During the refurbishment work, you will have regular communication with Dixons. And even after the work is completed, we will be there to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new living space.